ABOTA Poem by Bill Cornelius

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East Texas ABOTA member, Bill Cornelius, wrote a poem for their recent East Texas Spring Banquet and induction of new members.


We consider this right to be precious and dear

For without it our freedom could well disappear

Our Founding Fathers knew this to be true

And provided a shield against tyranny for me and for you

Ordinary citizens, each one unique

Swear on an oath a just verdict to seek

We try civil cases on both sides of the “V”

Striving to do so with integrity

Protecting the right to a trial by our peers

Has been our mission for 59 years

From different backgrounds and political views

We join to preserve what still we could lose

So let us be vigilant, lest we forget

This right that we cherish remains under threat

Download a PDF of the Bill Cornelius ABOTA Poem

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