San Antonio Elects New Officers for 2018

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Meeting Minutes August 23, 2017

On August 24, 2017, a general membership meeting of this chapter was held at the offices of Dykema Cox Smith, 112 E. Pecan, San Antonio, Texas 78205. The meeting was called to order by Chapter President, Tom Crosley at 12:10 p.m.

Roll Call

Attending in person: Tom Crosley

Charlie Deacon Allan Dubois Steve Fogle George Spencer Mike Hedges Rick Neville Robert Rush Tyler Scheuerman Jerry Gibson

Attending by proxy: Gary Fuller

Otto Skip Good Linda McDonald


Brian C. Steward John Howell
Roger Bresnahan Richard Danysh Patricia O. Alvarez Tom Kemmy Cynthia Day Grimes Lamont Jefferson Fred Jones

Ty Griesenbeck

Bruce Anderson Charles Frigerio George LeGrand

Norma Gonzales Carl Robin Teague Vick Putman Daniel Sciano Steve Browne Matthew Pearson Lisa Rocheleau Jane Bockus Phyllis Speedlin

Chris Negem
Luke Soules
Mark Cannan
John W. Weber, Jr.

There was a general discussion regarding two projects of the ABOTA Foundation – The James Otis Lecture Series, and the Civility Matters project. Patricia Alvarez asked the membership to help identify high schools that would be interested in sending students to attend the James Otis Lecture Series in Austin on September 19, 2017. Expenses are paid for by the ABOTA Foundation. Fred Jones and Patricia Alvarez discussed their efforts in giving presentations for ABOTA’s Civility Matters project. There is a scripted presentation and slide show and all members were encouraged to give the presentation to interested groups such as bar associations, civic associations, and the like. For further information, interested members are invited to contact Patricia Alvarez, Fred Jones, or Tom Crosley.

Next, the membership voted on the 2018 slate of officers to include the following:

Matthew Pearson – President Lisa Rocheleau – Vice President Dennis Peery – Treasurer

Hon. Patricia O. Alvarez – Secretary Thomas A. Crosley – Immediate Past-President

The motion to approve the slate was seconded and all members voted in the affirmative.

Next, nominees were submitted, as previously approved by the executive committee, and a general discussion was held regarding all nominees. Thereafter, a vote by written ballot was taken and the following candidates received the minimum 75 percent requisite number of votes and were approved to become new members, subject to completing the application process, being approved by the national association, and paying the required dues:

Philip G. Bernal
Charlie Cilfone
Larry Goldman
Scott Jones
Richard “Dick” Kasson James Edward “Jim” Monnig

Hon. Victor Negron, Jr. Hon. Richard E. Price Robert F. “Bob” Scheihing Hella Scheuerman

John Tyler

Finally, there was a discussion regarding the two positions available for national representatives, currently being held by Ty Griesenbeck and Dan Sciano. These members were approved to continue in that capacity, with the understanding that if one of them cannot attend a national meeting or other function, they should let the president know so that a suitable substitute can be found.

New Business

A save the date announcement was made for the Chapter’s December banquet on or about December 7, 2017. This banquet is open to all members and each member is encouraged to bring a spouse or guest.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m. Signed this 24th day of August 2017.

Thomas A. Cr1osley, President

San Antonio Chapter: ABOTA_Minutes_170823

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