Houston Honors 50-year Lawyers at Annual Dinner

The Houston chapter of ABOTA held its Annual Dinner and New Member Induction on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the Briar Club. Over 200 people attended the event – which, in 2017, was changed to an Astros Watch Party, when they were in the World Series.

At the suggestion of Alice Oliver-Parrott, members of the chapter who had practiced law for 50 years were honored as “Warriors of the 7th Amendment”. There were 32 members who were eligible to be honored and 17 of them attended the event.  It was a special night as each of them stood to be honored and accepted statues of Greek warriors.

The honorees included Gordon R. Pate, John H. Seale, James B. Sales, Gilbert I. “Buddy” Low, David H. Burrow, Wayne Fisher, Nick C. Nichols, Ronald D. Krist, Larry Funderburk, Harry M. Reasoner, Kenneth Tekell, Sr., Harrell Feldt, Tom R. Letbetter, Michael T. Gallagher, David J. Beck, Roger Knight, Stephen D. Susman, Jimmy Phillips, Dale Friend, Lawrence L. Germer, D. Dudley Oldham, Daniel V. Flatten, Julius Glickman, John B. Murphrey, William J. Stradley, David Berg, J.C. Gunter, III, James P. Smith, Thomas P. Sartwelle and Donald M. Hudgins.

New members for 2018 were Kevin Camp, Mary Kathleen Evans, Ian C. Hernandez, Normaan “Nomi” Husain, John M Padilla, Joseph D. Terry and T. Michael Wall.