Austin Chapter

Austin Officers

President – Mr. Dan Richards (12/31/2020)
Vice President – Ms. Karen C. Burgess (12/31/2021)
Secretary – Mr. Matt Dow (12/31/2020)
Treasurer – Mrs. Laura Bellegie Sharp (12/31/2020)
Past President – Ms. Ranelle M. Meroney (12/31/2019)
National Board Rep. – Mr. David G. Halpern (12/31/2020)
National Board Rep. – Mr. Ryan S. Squires (12/31/2022)
National Board Rep. – Ms. Karen C. Burgess (12/31/2022)
National Board Rep.* – Mr. Robby Alden (12/31/2020

Austin News

Austin Honors Two Special Members

The Austin chapter dinner on was held Thursday, November 30. Two very special awards were given.  The Scott Ozmun award for judicial courage was given to Judge Julie Kocurek, who was shot by a man that was set for sentencing by her.  The second award was the Richard...

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2015 Judicial Dinner

Our 2015 Annual Meeting and Judicial Dinner will take place on Thursday, December 10th, at the J W Marriott, 110 E. Second St. Austin, TX 78701. Members and their spouses are invited. Dress:  Men, Coat and tie.  Ladies, cocktail or evening...

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