Houston Chapter

Houston Officers

President Mr. Alistair B. Dawson (12/31/21)
President Elect Mr. Donald Hamilton Kidd (12/31/21)
Treasurer Ms. Sherie Beckman (12/31/21)
Past President Mr. Pete T. Patterson (12/31/20)
National Board Representative Mr. Jerry M. Young (12/31/21)
National Board Representative Mr. Don Jackson (12/31/22)
National Board Representative Mr. Sammy Ford (12/31/22)
National Board Representative Mr. John H. Kim (12/31/23)
National Board Representative Ms. Manpreet K. Singh (12/31/23)
National Board Representative Mr. Donald Hamilton Kidd (12/31/23)
National Board Representative Hon. Andrew Edison (12/31/23)
National Board Representative Mr. Pete T. Patterson (12/31/23)
National Board Representative Hon. Caroline E. Baker (12/31/23)
National Board Representative Mr. Dwaine M. Massey (12/31/23)

Houston Chapter Nominations and Forms

Here is the schedule for the 2021 Houston chapter nominations:

  • Nominations Open: January 4
  • Nominations Close (nomination, worksheets due to chapter President, Alistair Dawson’s office; cc: Cay Dickson): February 12
  • Membership Committee Meeting: Tuesday, February 23 at 3:30pm VIA ZOOM
  • Vetting of Nominees Due to Alison: due Friday, April 16
  • Executive Committee Meeting: Wednesday, April 28 MOST LIEKLY VIA ZOOM
  • General Mtg/Vote: Thursday, May 13 at 5:30pm (MOST LIKELY VIA ZOOM)
  • Applications/Worksheets/$300 check to ABOTA due in Alistair Dawson’s office,
    1221 McKinney St Suite 4500, Houston, TX 77010  
    Friday, June 11by 5pm
  • President sends in nominations to National Executive Membership Committee:  Friday, June 18 (they must be IN Dallas by this date)

    Annual Gala/Dinner/New Member Induction
    : Date TBD – October or November (Briar Club)

Note that our forms are slightly different from the National forms, so please use these forms.

Membership FAQs (PDF)

HOUSTON Nomination Process (PDF)

Houston ABOTA Chapter Nomination (PDF)
Houston ABOTA Chapter Nomination (Word)
– nominator completes and gets a Second Nominator to sign

2020 Houston Worksheets A-D (PDF)
– There are 4 different sheets for different kinds of trial situations – nominee completes these, then Nominator reviews and signs

The Nomination Process

  • Member nominates with Nomination Form, Nominees complete Worksheets, Member reviews and signs, then sends to current chapter President by date specified
  • Membership Committee meets, reviews nominations
  • Executive Committee makes final review, sets ballot
  • General Membership Meeting – members vote on nominees
  • Candidates for membership complete ABOTA Application, send with check for $300 to current chapter President by date specified
  • Chapter President submits all applications and worksheets to National ABOTA Executive Membership Committee for approval
  • ABOTA National Executive Membership Committee meets during the next National Board Meeting, reviews applications
  • New members are notified by National office
  • New members inducted at Annual Dinner at the end of the year

Houston Chapter News

Houston WABOTA Holiday Luncheon

The WABOTAns in the Houston chapter held their holiday luncheon at the beautiful Rainbow Lodge on Sunday, December 8. Over 30 members attended and those few who couldn't attend missed an afternoon of fun, laughter, great food and drink and fun gifts. This group is...

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Black Tie to Astros Watch Party!

The Houston chapter of ABOTA held their annual gala/black-tie dinner on Saturday, October 26th. Within a matter of 10 days, they changed the theme from black tie to Astros Watch Party and had everyone wear their favorite Astros clothes.  About 100 people watched the...

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Houston Honors 50-year Lawyers at Annual Dinner

The Houston chapter of ABOTA held its Annual Dinner and New Member Induction on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the Briar Club. Over 200 people attended the event - which, in 2017, was changed to an Astros Watch Party, when they were in the World Series. At the...

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Kat Gallagher Receives 2016 Women In Law Award

KAT GALLAGHER RECEIVES 2016 WOMEN IN LAW AWARD March 23, 2016 – Beck Redden LLP is pleased to announce that partner Kat Gallagher has been selected by Lawyer Monthly magazine as a recipient of the 2016 Women in Law Award in recognition of her outstanding...

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